Why I Became A Makeup Artist.

Dear Diary,

It is finally time I answer the question that is on the minds of many people- why did I become a Makeup Artist. Where did this idea spring from etc. etc.

Let me tell you a story. A story about my relationship with makeup throughout my life. Embrace yourselves, it’s got a whole lot of irony in it.

Contrary to most makeup artist stories that I have heard, I was not crazy about makeup at all! In fact I didn’t even own my first foundation until I started university ( and when I bought it I had no idea how to apply on my face). While other girls in high school were picky and choosy about which mascara they wore; I wore black eyeliner in my water line just like any other brown girl (Observe Exhibit A Below- 17 year old Shazia with nice dark circles and some black liner)

In fact I thought makeup was horrible, I hated the idea of a caked face (and this is why I didn’t own a foundation). And as you can see I didn’t even own coloured lip glosses or lip sticks, clear lip gloss was the way to go! In other words I was a total noob when it came to makeup. Be it a wedding, Eid or anything else I NEVER wore makeup besides my handy dandy eyeliner in my waterline.

Fast forward to my first year in university. My friend had to go buy some makeup from Walmart and I accompanied her, she convinced me to buy my first ever foundation; the Maybelline FitMe Foundation in shade 225. I thought to myself: alright Shazia just do it, make a big girl move, and hey if it doesn’t look nice it’s only 8 bucks, what do you really have to lose? In reality, I lost a lot… a lot of time, money and effort in ordering makeup online, walking into Sephora, Shoppers Drugmart and Walmart at every given moment possible. In other words, makeup had bought my soul. Maybelline was the door to my new found obsession. How exactly did that happen? After searching tutorials on how to apply foundation, I bought a brush and applied it on my face and I was so shocked to see how flawless my skin looked! Best of all it didn’t look cakey! I still looked myself with an even skin tone. So I started searching mandatory makeup needs and found out there is something called a primer, colour corrector, concealer and this magical thing called contouring!

By the end of my first year at university I had experimented with many brands and types of makeup and it gave this satisfaction on the inside (I know I sound like a  addict, but makeup is a drug, and I did become addicted, so…? ). I had finally mastered doing everyday makeup, and now I was curious to know how all these Youtubers got such nice eye makeup on. I picked up some palettes and started playing around with them, and viola! I had learnt how to do eye makeup.

My parents noticed this addiction of mine, and the amount of money spent on it starting second year of university, in particular my dad. Unlike most brown parents, my parents didn’t discourage me from thinking of makeup as a career- in fact my dad suggested that I go ahead and pursue it! At that time, it didn’t make sense to me to leave university to be a makeup artist. This is because I didn’t see makeup artistry as a stable career where one can earn  money from. But I was proven wrong yet again! Just like I was wrong about looking cakey, I was wrong about the career possibilities as an MUA.

I spent my second and third year of university taking online makeup classes with DressYourFace and was shocked to see how much can be done within the realm of makeup! I concluded my third year of university and took the decision to get my certificate in Makeup Artistry! I joined Canadian Beauty College and completed a certificate from there, and step my foot into the world of makeup!

I still didn’t answer your question though, why? Why did I take a simple hobby and turn it into a career. Well the answer is in the question. It’s my hobby. You know that cliche saying, work in a field you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. I believed in that. Why did I believe in that so firmly? Well that’s a whole other blog post- about my thoughts and feelings towards the corporate world and a 9-5 job.

Essentially that is my whole journey, I loved it, I made it a career! With that being said, I will do some shameless marketing for my services now: I am booking for the remaining of 2017 and beginning 2018 bookings in the Greater Toronto Area. If you are interested please send me an email: shazia.inquiries.canada@gmail.com. If you’d like to see my work, check out my Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/shaziaarifmua

*end shameless marketing *


Shazia Arif

Note: The main picture is taken from my first ever makeup artist gig at a Fashion Show (Must Be Kismet). Photo is taken by Seher Sultan (The makeup artist leading the model preparations)

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