Review: Afida Essential Oils

Dear Diary,

This organic lifestyle is going great! And no I’m not saying that because I want y’all to think I’m cool, since my previous post about Thissle’s Organic beauty and care products, I have been on the hunt for more cool organic companies that do something unique without the chemicals!

I came across another recent start-up based in Toronto, Canada named Afida. Afida sells organic essential oils for almost everything! Not only that, they’ve created some unique oil blends to serve different self -care purposes.

I had never used purely organic essential oils before Afida, thus I was hesitant and excited when I placed an order for 6 different essential oils! The price point is great for an organic company, not overly priced, or under, and best part is that they ship worldwide!

I’ve reviewed all the oils that I ordered and its use below.

Afida’s Organic Eyelash Oil

The organic eyelash oil is said to make your lashes longer, thicker, fluffier, and healthier and rejuvenates in and around the eye area. This caught my eye right away, I had never heard of eyelash oil before! And since I had mixed feelings about getting eyelash extensions and keeping up with its fillers, I decided to give the oil a try. It takes about 2-3 weeks to notice a difference.

However, you can see the real effect of the oil on the lashes once you put mascara on, they are really long, full and fluffy, almost giving the illusion of false eyelashes. Although you can avoid the hassle of mascara if you get eyelash extensions, but keeping up the fillers and all isn’t really my thing.

With the oil I also noticed that my dark circles were slightly reduced and gave the area around my eyes a softer feeling!

Now, this eyelash oil has one other feature they did not mention, IT IS AN AMAZING EYE MAKEUP REMOVER! I discovered this the first night I used the eyelash oil, after having removed my makeup thoroughly (or at least I thought it was thorough) with an eye makeup remover (which is oil and liquid based), wipes, and scrubs, I applied the eyelash oil on my eyes. I looked in the mirror shortly after and noticed that my eyes had turned into raccoon eyes LOL! The oil had gone deep onto my eyelids, and cleaned out the remaining residue of my makeup which my cleaners could not do! This definitely gets points for being the best eye makeup remover I’ve ever tried!

Afida’s Organic Hair Oil

Let’s face it, we all know that the best remedy for good hair is hair oil- something our grandmas have been telling us since the day we were born but we refused to listen. I used a lot of hair oil when I was little, but growing up I disliked the smell of it, the feel of it and what not and stopped using it frequently.

My biggest pet peeve with hair oil is the smell and the grease that ends up getting on your clothes, hijab pillowcases etc. So whenever I’d use oil I would strategically apply it knowing that I would not have to leave the house for the next 18-24 hours with the oil in my hair.

After seeing Afida’s organic hair oil blend, I was taken aback- they had so many great oils all put in one. I was tempted to buy it and add it to my collection of oils, and I did!

My initial reaction to the oil was a bit of confusion, it was not entirely liquid like my other oils, but it came with a directions manual and it said you had to dilute it with water prior to use- easy peasy. I did just that and started applying it to the scalp of my head, and my first reaction to the oil was that it does NOT have a strong scent. Initially you can smell it, but it does not linger on like other oils which I loved! Secondly, it did not leave a greasy residue behind; it was like my scalp absorbed the oil which I loved, because it didn’t stain my clothes or hijab or pillow case.

After washing the oil out of my hair with shampoo, it did the work of conditioner for me, so I didn’t use conditioner at all in my hair for the next few days! Not only that the texture was great, the flow and what not. I am so glad I invested in this oil because it does everything I want it to do, and leaves out everything I’ve hated about oils!

Afida’s Organic Peppermint Oil

Peppermint mochas are one of my favourite winter drinks! But seeing it in its oil form? I wasn’t too sure about that!

Luckily, Afida tells you about the benefits associated with each oil, and when I saw that peppermint oil is great for waking you up and helping you focus I decided to give it a try and put it to the ultimate test- an all -nighter!

I can never pull all nighters for the life of me, no matter how much coffee I drink, my focus is usually gone by 1:30am and I’m asleep an hour later. Although the oil did keep me up, it wasn’t all night, but longer than usual and the tingly feeling it gives definitely woke me up and brought my attention towards my work.

Another hidden benefit of the oil is that it works great for headaches! As a frequent headache dealer, I’m ALWAYS looking for alternatives to medicines, because popping Tylenol every other day isn’t so great. I would usually use balms to help soothe the pain, but that was a temporary fix. The peppermint oil’s tingly and cold sensation lasts when rubbed onto your forehead and brings a feeling of relaxation to your headache! Although it isn’t strong enough for migraines, any other headache, the oil will do you good!

Afida’s Organic Lemon Oil

If you’re like me (or my mom) and are into traditional cleaning methods, where you get a bucket of water, pour cleaning detergent, get an old shirt and mop the floor with it- then Afida’s Organic lemon oil may be the oil for you!

Prior to using this oil, I would use pine sole and I would hate the after effect it would have on my hands because of all the chemicals, and the house would smell like chemicals too! I went to Whole Foods to find organic cleaning liquid, and it would cost me an arm and a leg to buy so I left it.

The Organic Lemon Oil is great because it’s a light mixture- causes no irritation- and the after smell in your home is really nice and fruity! Or as my brother put: a pineapple farted in here.

Afida’s Organic Bergamot Oil

I had never heard of bergamot until I saw it on Afida’s website. The website said it could be used as a deodorant, so of course I put it to the ultimate test like the other oils- I used it before going to the gym. One of two things would happen, either the oil would work, or it wouldn’t and I could probably never show my face in that gym ever again.

Lucky for me the oil did work really well and I went back to the gym the next day! I replaced my regular gym deodorant with the organic oil because I had also been looking for an organic deodorant and this did the job well!

Afida’s Organic Eucalyptus Oil

When I received the oils from Afida and lucky (or unluckily) I had just gotten the flu then and I had the most disgusting clogged nostrils! Not matter what I would do, they would just stay stuffy and irate the heck outta me. The organic eucalyptus oil was said to open up your sinuses if you rubbed it around your nose and nostril area.

After being fed up of not being able to breathe through my nose, I tried the oil and it worked! It wasn’t a permanent solution, but it would un-stuff my nose for a few hours and I would just reapply it when its effect was gone! Flu saver? Definitely!


  • The dispensing mechanism of the oils (not the blends), is kinda difficult. You have to be very careful when taking it out on to your fingers, because sometimes you’ll get the right amount and sometimes it’ll be too much!
  • Each of the oils has a bunch of benefits which is great! However, it is difficult to keep track of each benefit, and having to go back and forth to the website is a bit of a hassle, especially when you have multiple oils- perhaps a little booklet or sheet attached to each oil about its benefit would be easier
  • The hair oil contains coconut oil, and because of that (I’m assuming), the consistency of the oil is thick making it a bit more difficult to take from the bottle prior to diluting.

Overall, I had an amazing experience with Afida’s organic products; my favourite has to be the eyelash oil, because this thing has blown my world away!

I’ll definitely be re-purchasing more oils from Afida. 



*Note: This post is not sponsored by Afida and is a personal opinion*

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