Review: Thissle

Dear Diary,

My love for organic products is endless! And no, its not to keep up with trends, I had switched to organic way before it became a thing. From my chicken to my dairy products and fruits and vegetables, it’s all 100% organic and I couldn’t be happier! However, feeding myself organic wasn’t enough, what I was using on my skin needed to be organic as well. Scouting through the market for the right organic products, I couldn’t find something that suited me, and if it did the cost of it was an arm and leg. Until I recently came upon a company named Thissle, whose products were not only organic, they were handmade as well! Now some of you may be thinking, what;s the difference between Thissle and Lush? Well for one, I am not a fan of Lush products, they aren’t entirely organic, and it just never suited my skin (I have super sensitive skin!).

Nonetheless I decided to give Thissle a try; they have super affordable prices and the cutest packaging so of course I ordered a bunch of their products! I’m going to review each of them below!

Organic Lip Balm- Minty Chocolate

Okay ladies and gentlemen, if you have a horrible case of chapped lips, especially in Canadian winters, and have tried every lip balm out there, then you’re like me. I had given up on lip balms and Vaseline, because nothing seemed to work no matter how hydrated I was or what. I gave Thissle’s lip balm a shot and it’s amazing! No more chapped lips, nothing! Not only that, it tastes really good as well- after all it is handmade and organic, therefore it’s edible, right? 😉

Lavender Bath Salts

Baths are always fun and comfy, but again the amount of chemicals they put in bath salts is kinda crazy! The lavender in the salt is a great way to soothe yourself, smells great and feels great! I’m gonna need to get another bottle of this

Body Scrub

I got their body scrub in two different scents, sweet orange and sea salt scrubs. I have never used such an amazing scrub in my life! It leaves your skin feeling super smooth and hydrated. Trust me, all you’re gonna do is feel your arms after using this scrub!

Lavender and Chamomile Soap Bar

I had gone to Whole Foods a few months back and saw that organic hand soap was 10 bucks. I was so pissed that I had to pay 10 bucks just to wash my hands. That’s why when I saw Thissle was selling soap bars for such a great price I bought two of them and my family and I have been loving them ever since!

Bath Bombs

Okay so I’ve never used these before in my life, so watching it ‘bomb’ in the bath was a really fun experience! Not only that it was super soothing and nice to relax in!

Thissle has recently added more products which I cannot wait to order! They are based in Ottawa Canada and currently ship only throughout Canada (however if you  are reading this later, do check with them as their shipping policies may have changed!)

Order from them:

Note: this review was completely opinionated and not endorsed by the company.

As for organic makeup- I am still on the hunt for good products/company. Until then I check the ingredients for each brand/product to make sure its at least paraben and sulfate free!

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