Tis’was a White Eid

Dear Diary,

I’ve got loads to talk about today! Everything from makeup, to Eid, to outfits, to my latest accesories, to what I’m doing with my life and so on!

The amazing month of Ramadan has come and left, and with an amazing month comes an amazing celebration of course! Eid! I won’t get into the nitty gritty details of each, but you can check out my posts from last year here and here on both Ramadan and Eid!

Recently, I’ve had this obsession with the colour white and any other super light colours, they’re just so chic I LOVE IT! Although my mom was kinda like uh….calm down on the white outfits will ya?

Thus of course, my Eid outfits HAD to be white right? All of them? Definitely!

Eid Day 1 

My first outfit I got made from Pakistan after finding a design randomly on Instagram, and after trying hard to find out which designer or store it came from I ended up getting it stitched! I paired it up with a pair of white cigarette pants and black shiny heels. Black and white head to toe? Never! I needed a pop of colour SOMEWHERE in the outfit, and what better colour POP than the colour red right?


I gotta say my brother turned out to be a really good photographer- after all I did train him well 😉


This is my first ever red bag and it’s the cutest crossbody EVER! I loved the chain handles which is what drew my attention to this bag over all the other ones!


Lo and behold my foot! My attempt at being all artsy and model-like on my front porch! I wore kundan payal (anklets) which I got made from India and a bunch of middie rings from Forever 21! And the sparkly shoes are from Naturalizer my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE shoe store ever! I swear their heels don’t hurt your feet at all. I don’t know how they do. But once you start wearing their shoes, you can NEVER wear another company again- trust me I’ve tried, it just isn’t the same feeling of comfort.

Eid Day 2 

I know people usually don’t have multiple Eid outfits, and I wasn’t going to have another one either, but a few days before Eid I stumbled upon this gorgeous Kurti at Junaid Jamshed and I couldn’t say no! The white on white embroidery, pearls and lace is so elegant I felt like it accessorized itself without the need for me to do anything extra!


I paired this up with the same cigarette pants I wore with my first Eid outfit and I wore a light golden silk hijab. I didn’t want to do a colour POP here because I felt that it would ruin the elegance of the work on the outfit. So I decided to blend it all in! IMG_0586My next attempt at being a model and artsy yet again! I paired it up with an ethnic Indian clutch I picked up on my trip to India last year, and just my regular watch I love to wear everywhere!

Although I decided to wear white this Eid, I felt that so many other people either wore white or super light colours! Is it just me or did you guys feel/do the same thing? I would love to see your outfits, post them in the comments below- maybe it was a subconscious fashion vibe that swept the world haha!

On another note, what has Shazia been up to these days? Let’s see: my inner chef has awoken and I am experimenting with all sorts of things in the kitchen! But best of all I am one step closer to fulfilling one of my many dreams, and that is to be a makeup artist! I can’t wait to start sharing my progress with you guys and I would love to hear words of advice and so on from all of you!

So this post turned out to be longer than I had hoped for.


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