South Asian Mehndi Outfits

Dear Diary,

Wedding season is around the corner! That means my most favourite event is also happening; Mehndi/ Dholk! i A mehndi/dholki is typically when the bride and the bridal party apply henna and sing and dance to melodious tunes. In the spirit of wedding season, I’m going to post a series of outfit inspiration posts.  No I’m not married, or getting married any time soon- BUT I love bridal outfits, especially when brides choose to do something different with their outfits! South Asian weddings are full of colour and culture, and if you’ve never been to one, then I suggest you get yourself a South Asian friend and have an experience of a life time! I wanted to drop in some inspiration for all my South Asian brides out there on outfit possibilities for the different events (yes we have more than one event, sometimes 5 or more! :O)  with designers, brands, or just random brides I saw on photography blogs! These outfits are perfect for the bride, her bridesmaid, or just the girl who’s there for the food 😉

Mehndi Outfits

For mehndi/sangeet/dholki outfits I find that girls often choose yellow as their main colour. Although this is THE colour for the events (as I’ve been told), its get redundant seeing the same colour combination on every bride! Spice it up a little, play around the colours, designs etc! Mehndi outfits are for crazy experimental colours that you probably would not wear otherwise, even neons work 😀


Here I absolutely love what Faryal Makdhoom did on her mehndi a few years back. The orange and hot pink contrast that has been assembled with Mughal dull gold jewelry makes her look WOW- as she always does! This colour combination is definitely one of my favourites and I would pick it in a heartbeat.


This season its all about florals! And who knows florals better than Sabyasachi Mukherjee of course. The famous Indian designer is known for his mix of vintage and modern day designs. I think florals are absolutely gorgeous for a mehndi occasion bride or not, florals give a sense of excitement and outdoorsy fun kinda feel. This is definitely something different – in a good way- make a memorable mark with floral!


It’s about time gota work came back into fashion! I don’t know why it ever left, its so traditional and Mughal, it makes any colour and any outfit look perfect! And of course it makes the perfect mehndi outfit. This outfit has the perfect touch of yellow alongside pink and a little turquoise, keeping the yellow tradition alive this designer (I don’t know who! If you do comment below) has added everything from a South Asian heritage into one outfit! Kudos to you for making a winning mehndi bridal!


I have no idea which designer this is, but OMG look at that colour combination, the contrast between the magenta, turquoise and yellow is jaw dropping and definitely one that stands out of the ground! The jamawar lengha adds such a perfect vintage touch to the outfit, and not to mention the flowers in her hair going for that evergreen traditional desi bride look! Girl you killed it 😉


This is probably one of my most favourite mehndi outfits out there! I’ve shown this to every friend of mine who’s getting married, its perfect! Allechant is the designer who seeks to give a western touch to all their outfits bridal or not! The lengha in this outfit is not only multi coloured but also multi fabric and design giving it such an elegant yet olden times look! You all remember your grandma’s chatapati ghararas dont you? Cause I certainly do! Allechant has taken that fashion and turned it into something so modern- often I’ve seen designers and attempt this and lose the grace of the outfit, but Allechant managed to steal my heart with this one!


Thought I forgot about Lehenga Choli? Of course not! This Indian outfit is so chic and perfect for the bride or her friends! Its like a skirt and crop top (long or short, depending on how you like it) with an Indian touch to it. I prefer Lehenga Cholis for Mehndis any day in contrast to a regular Lehenga with a long kameez, because brides often wear a similar style to their main wedding days and the outfit gets redundant!

Although there are many many more creative styles out there for your mehndi outfit, this is all that I will cover for now. If you’ve spotted something absolutely gorgeous feel free to share it on the comments below, I’m looking forward to seeing them!


Shazia Arif

Note: All images have been taken from Google.

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