The Tiny Little Things

Dear Diary,

My father recently shared an important value with me, the value of enjoying my life! Surprising eh? Normally my father would lecture me about getting my life together (which I am dad! If you’re reading this), but he said something new this time. Now, by enjoying my life, he didn’t mean go out and party and forget my responsibilities, he meant cherish the tiny joys in life. Often, we get so caught up in attaining our big dream that we forget to enjoy the small joys along the way. This could be ANYTHING, from getting a shirt on sale, to catching the bus on time, enjoy these things!

So I decided to take his advice! Just as he mentioned, I started cherishing the tiny joys of life. I’m still smiling to myself about the amazing dress and blazer I got on sale, and how when I ordered my cheesecake, they made a pretty design with the chocolate syrup.

FullSizeRender (8)

Along with this, he mentioned to sit down and reflect on life (so philosophical dad!) By this he meant to take a break from your busy life! From your busy technology, crazy, unrest-ed lives! All you have to do is clear your head. And he was right! I’m so overwhelmed with things I have to do that I’m actually dreaming my to do list!

With his oh so amazing advice, I realized that he was right. I was too focused on making my career, becoming something etc etc that I wasn’t enjoying my life. I wasn’t happy throughout the process of succeeding. I kinda just went with the flow of what was happening. But after cherishing the tiny joys of life, I felt happier, and when I look back to these memories now, it’s no the big successes that bring me joys, it’s these tiny little things that do.


Shazia Arif

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