Dear Diary,

So I don’t really know how a public diary works, but here goes!

So these days I’ve noticed that there is so much chaos and unrest in my life. Everything is out of order, and just plain crazy! How does anyone keep school, jobs, parents, love, friends, religion, hobbies, sleep, exercise, health etc all in track and in order?! For those who can do it, hats off to you! But in all seriousness, doing all that and still having time and room to breathe throughout your day is tough! So, after weeks of failure and disappointment of checking 2/10 things on my to-do list, I decided enough was enough. This has got to stop, otherwise my to-do list from 2015 would probably finish by 2020.

I decided to see what successful people do. What doctors, mothers, teachers, businessmen do to keep there lives in order (besides having a secretary).

I found a lot of stuff that’s often repeated, making a schedule etc etc. But these tips really stuck out to me:

Media Consumption

We are consuming WAY too much media! And no, I’m not talking about working on your pretty Macbook all day, I’m talking entertainment- Youtube, Movies, Vines etc.  On average we consume about 15 hours of media a day! If that isn’t enough to cause a headache in your daily activities, I don’t know what is.

Solution? Get all your gossip from one reliable source, it’ll save you time and some brain cells. Find relevant information! Something that sticks to you, I mean, what Kim K is wearing on a daily basis isn’t really going to change your life.  Lastly, create a balance. We all love relaxing time, but there’s a limit to it. Don’t watch all 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in one go. An episode a day keeps the laziness away!


Do you sleep on time? Do you have a set sleeping schedule? No? Well neither do I. And that’s the problem. There is no set schedule with what we are doing, we could sleep at 11pm or 3am, and it would not make a difference to our productivity level. Have a set sleeping cycle, you’re productive only when you are well rested!

Set Goals for Yourself

Set mini goals throughout the day for you to achieve which contribute to your bigger goal. However, remember to keep the goals realistic, yes you want to conquer the world (and I’m sure if you’re given the right pair of shoes you could), but start with baby steps.

Reward/ Motivation

Nothing is better than getting a mini gift for yourself, do that! You worked hard for it, you deserve it. It could be chocolate or a walk around the neighborhood, the reward is supposed to help relax your oh so busy brain. Also, motivate yourself! I love keeping motivating quotes as my background on my phone, gives me a little hope and smile! 🙂

So this time, let’s actually try to get some work done!


Shazia Arif

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Aliza Khalid says:

    I love your blog, and my favourite posts are the ones under balance and stigma categories.
    Would love to read more of your opinion on those topics.
    Keep this up! x


    1. shaziaarif02 says:

      Aw thank you so much! I have some posts lined up I’ll be posting them soon iA!


  2. BM says:

    I know Im late to this butttttt….Mothers dont have secretaries, we do it all by ourselves 😉


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